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How will the new VPN by google one will impact chromebooks

Search giant google said that none of the users data will be used for advertising and is planning to employ third party applications to make them scrutinizable. 

Google announced on thursday that it has plans to introduce new VPN for safe and private browsing. As this is it’s arms google one’s maiden project so it will be very soon accessed in its mobile application. However as its usage will be very soon readily available on Chromebook, but there are a certain set of rules which is ought to be followed once it is launched. (For more updates kindly visit the google pdf).

In an important announcement, the search engine gave further clarification that it will give the VPN service free of cost to their subscribers who have bought the plan of 2GB at google one. This clearly brings the information into sight that anybody who is operating under a plan of 100 GB or 200 GB will have to buy the 2tb plan to avail this offer.

Google adds a free VPN to its Google One service | TechBriefly


Essentially speaking of such a vulnerable service when privacy matters the most, google has clarified it in its pdf. Despite of that it had not given any indications that when it will be available on other platforms.

In Spite of that, there are many dubiousness on data-trust issues, and to be adamant this is a true issue that needs to be admitted because of google being such a profitable site that gains its profit through its revenues.  But to be frank this option is clearly dismissible if you would look up to the new criterias set up by google.

This goes by their admission that none of the data will be used for privacy and it will have third party apps to audit the work for privacy.

With VPN by Google One, users’ online activity is not identifiable to the VPN and not logged by the VPN. We believe a VPN must be transparent, and robust. That’s why we have open-sourced our client and will provide a third-party audit of the end-to-end solution to make them externally verifiable.

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In case if you are using a chromebook and is insecure about your private browsing as google is rigging it for their advertisement purposes, then it is commendable to use a self host VPN or use Incognito mode.

VPN by Google One comes at free of cost for the users availing 2 TB data from google at a monthly payment of 9.99$.