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Wizards: Tales of Arcadia Season 2: Will There Be A Sequel of Netflix Animation?

Not only the great animation quality, but the complex storytelling made the blockbuster hit of Wizard: Tales of Arcadia. The first season has broadcasted just the previous month. Though, it was the sequel of the same story having two previous parts. The first part Trollhunters, released in 2016, is followed by the release of 3Below in 2018. After the premiere of the last part, fans and followers of Tales of Arcadia are waiting for another renewal. But there is a bad news. Netflix has already said that there is no plan for another season of this series.

Release Date of Wizard: Tales of Arcadia Season 2: Not everything so disappointing

Though, it is heartbreaking to hear that there is no renewal after the 10 episode show of Wizard: Tales of Arcadia; not every news so disappointing. Tales of Arcadia is said to be based on limited series and there will be no sequel. But the story is not concluded yet. It is declared that the conclusion will not come in form of series. But a feature movie is promised to hit the screen in 2021.

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans is the upcoming film to be released next year. Here the unsolved mystery of the three series based on Tales of Arcadia will get a conclusion. But Marc Guggenheim, one of the executive producers of the animated series, recently revealed that the second season of Tales Of Arcadia could have been possible. They have put a twenty episodes series in ten episodes.

The cast of Wizard: Tales of Arcadia Season 2: Who will be stared?

Though it is not clear that if any season 2 hit the screen, will the characters be unchanged? But expectation remains that we shall have many one’s comebacks. At least the lead characters may be unchanged. Those may be as follows:

Colin O’Donoghue as Douxie Casperan

Lexi Medrano as Claire Nuñez

David Bradley as Merlin Ambrosius

Lena Headey as Morgana

Steven Yeun as Steve Palchuk

Alfred Molina as Archibald the Cat-Dragon/Archie

John Rhys-Davies as Galahad


The plot of Wizard: Tales of Arcadia Season 2: Is there any hint?


The 10th episode of the past season ends with the death of King Arthur. Excalibur stuck in the stone. But Douxie assures his friends that the greatest strength they have will come from one of their friends. The story actually revolves around the character Douxie. He was secretly serving Merlin during nine centuries as an apprentice. But the Guardians of Arcadia is formed in the 12th century. Certainly, they could make comeback at any time on history. So, it would be very difficult to assume the background of the upcoming season. We can only sit down with crossed fingers, maybe for an endless time.

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