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Trinkets 3: The Real Reason Why Not Happening

Over the past few years, Netflix made a record of canceling it’s original series. Programs like DaredevilAmerican Vandal, and One Day at a Time, are not being aired despite of their steady popularity. And one another name comes to the list. The teenage story Trinkets has announced to be not having any season 3. Though just 2 seasons made blockbuster hit.

Release Date of Trinkets Season 3: Is there any declaration?

The teenage story was first telecasted in early 2019. It was declared in 2018. But the premiere achieved such popularity that the channel made the announcement of season 2 within just a month. And it was released in August 2019. Though it was not said then to be the last season, as usual for Netflix series; the audience hoped that it will hit the screen again with another season. But since then, there is no declaration of a new season. And now the rumor goes around is, there is no preparation for season 3. And season 2 is the happy ending. Be happy with this much.

The Cast of Trinkets Season 3: Who will play the roles?

The series does not deal with many casts. The story revolves around three teenage girls. They are Elodie Davis, Moe Truax, and Tabitha Foster. In the past two seasons, these three characters were starred by Brianna Hildebrand, Kiana Madeira, and Quintessa Swindell respectively. So, if any comeback happens with season 3, the major cast-line should not be very different. And of course, these three actresses became synonymous with three major characters. The audience is also happy with this cast-line.

The Plot of Trinkets Season 3: Is there any prediction?

In 2018, the series started on basis of a YA novel penned by Kirsten Smith. The novel was published in 2013, five years prior to the series. The novel can broadly be divided into two parts. In the first half, three girls came to meet each other. But this part does not end happily. Rather a mere disturbance made their relation bitter. But the conclusion is really really happy. Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha recognized their mistakes. They came back to their selves and ended as a comedy does.

The series was honest with the novel. It portrayed the story just from pages to screen. Tragedy the same, comedy the same. But there is no expansion in the original work till now. Be it a sequel or be it prequel. So, the chance of another season is almost zero. But the audience is not happy with that.

But the creators said the thought behind the series is very simple. And it does not need more explanation. And season 2 comes with a natural conclusion. Writer Kirsten Smith says, “Leave this season in a way that they’re going to just live as best friends forever and ever in our minds.”