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Special Season 2, Netflix: Cast, Story and Release Date Get All Details Here!


The special feature is a half-autobiographical show telling Ryan Hayes’ story, a young homosexual with a brain paralysis who eventually chooses to take life with courage. Thanks to the strong success achieved in the first season, the future of Special looks great. Here was everything you need to know about the exclusive Special Season 2 Netflix.

Special Season 2 Release Date

Up to this writing, there is still no official release date. It should be noted that due to coronavirus the team has stopped development, so things could be delayed. Four of eight episodes were produced by the production team and Ryan O’Connell edited them “full time.”


What will be the storyline for 2nd season of Special?

Wait until you’ve seen season 2 if you think season 1 was too hot to deal with. Ryan O’Connell vowed to lift his quality for Season 2 special already. Speaking to EW, he announced he would bring in more writers for Season 2, a multifaceted writer and actor. O’Connell also revelated that his character will continue to face challenges around his identity and disablement, “You believe I was going to write that s — all of it all by myself? Take years off my life!” For 2nd season we should expect Ryan and his mother to patch things up. For special 2nd season O’Connell even promised the fans more gay sex. In the first year, only 15-minute episodes have been completed and it is not clear that season 2 will be the same format.

The cast of Special Season 2

As his semibiographical character Ryan Hayes, Ryan O’Connell is coming back. Other characters are also expected, including Karen Hayes (Ryan’s mother). Punam Patel (Ryan’s friend), Mindelle (Ryan’s manager and Ryan’s father). Augustus Prew (one of Cym’s best friends) and Patrick Fabian (Karen’s love interest). And others are expected to return. 

When will be the teaser for Special Season 2 out? 

It is quite difficult to say with anything still in the development stage. Trailers also release the first month of broadcast. For now, while waiting, let’s enjoy trailers for the special season 1.

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