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South Park Season 24 : Release date, cast, Plot and every updates about its next season

Trey Parker and Matt stone’s South Park anime series has been a household name now for its perpetual and enormous impact of continuing this series for decades. Not just confined with kids and children it had pervaded to a large section of mature audience due to its dark humour, satires and profanity. Although known for its longest span of continuation but after every season it leaves the audience with a mystery that when will the next season arrive. CBC’s South Park is an American animated series known for its massive broadcast over 23 seasons mainly depicts the story of four school going boys Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick — and their exploits and adventures in and around the titular Colorado town. But since the end of its last season on December 19, its makers have renewed its new season 24,25 and 26.

With such a hopeful news for its fans let’s s

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ee what the upcoming season has kept in its hold

Release date of south park season 24

South park season 24 has not got a release date yet but its makers have confirmed the release of an one-hour ‘pandemic themed’ episode on september,30.

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Apart from the voice of the major show runners such as Trey parker and Matt stone there will be a slight change with the feminine side. Hopefully on september 30 all those assumptions will be dismissed.

South Park - IGNPlot

The show features the story of four school going boys in the fictional town of South Park near Colorado and their adventures.


Here’s the trailer of the show that will premiere on september 30

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