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South Park season 24: Release date, cast and every updates that you should know about

America’s longest running popular sitcom South Park has been audience’s favourite since decades. It’s popularity has spanned among age groups from children to adults and over the years none of them has grown tired of it. Trey Parker’s show reached to almost every household due to its blazing storyline that covers dark humours and realistic humours of life. Since 1997 over 308 episodes were broadcasted and almost every television network interchanged in between, but there was no interruption in its popularity. As the anticipation of the viewers has got no obstruction, the makers have announced that there will be a new season.

Here’s what you should know about its next season

When will season 24 release

After the last season of this show was released on 2019, the makers came up with the decision to renew next season. However due to the ongoing pandemic a lot of ongoing production was disrupted. In a recent interview to hollywood reporter, co-creator Matt stone announced that the show has been stretched to season 25 and 26 apart from that this time due to certain problems there will be a pandemic special episode for the treat to its fans.

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Cast of  south park  

The cast of southpark are as follows

Trey Parker as Eric Cartman
Matt stone as Kenny McCormick
Matt stone as Kyle Broflovski
Trey Parker as stan marsh
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Plot of south park

The plot of the anime series ” SOUTH PARK” revolves around four teenagers Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick, who live in south park and set out to do various adventures by gimmicking fun and humour.

Trailer of season 24

The trailer of season 24 has not been announced yet, but the studios had released a pandemic special trailer.