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Riverdale Season 5 : Cast, Plot and all Major Updates.

Good News for Riverdale Fans, here is some news for you. The show is finally going to renew, returning for a fifth season very soon. According to our viewers, The last episode of season 4 is the show’s least dramatic finale. And still, fans are demanding to have to wait for season 5 to watch the Riverdale squad take prom and find out who’s filming and distributing those snuff videos.  Before the dangers of pandemic COVID-19 shut down filming, the director of Riverdale had three more episodes added for season 4. According to Executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the first of these three episodes, one was centered around senior prom. That is about “half or two-thirds” of the way filmed. So, Roberto tried to cobble together scenes from episode 20 to give a final episode. But there were many scenes between Betty and Jughead, and Archie and Veronica, which we hadn’t shot. Due to this, the director decided to continue these episodes in the next season. Now, the show maker has decided to make season five with the much-awaited fans of the Riverdale squad. 

After the three episodes of Season 5, the director decides there will be a time jump in the show. We can’t say anything very sure about the duration of the gap but according to some reports, there will be between 5-7 years. 

Netflix announces release date for Riverdale season 5

When will the Riverdale shooting resume?

At the end of August The crew and cast will leave for quarantine, Vancouver, and then start filming. They all have to finish three days of shooting for one episode that they were filming in March. 

The plot of Riverdale season 5.

As there is no official information regarding season 5. But fans are eagerly waiting for season 5. We have seen in season 4 the fake death is over and done after jughead’s with prep finally left them alone, Riverdale season 4 episodes found the gang focused on figuring out who kept sending them videotapes. The high principal of Riverdale all is against their strict principal.

Aguirre-Saikasa, The producer and director is excited to use this new timeline as an opportunity to revolutionize the Archie Comics-inspired series. He is trying to tell new exciting secrets to fans. And they know, they look the same. Some characters will go, others skip the university and pick it up from the other side to the university and. With all information, there is the most important info regarding the show. The Fifth season is going to arrive in January 2021. 

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