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Networth, Personal Life and everything you must know about your favourite TV representor “Tucker Carlson”

America’s favourite TV Show ” Tucker Carlson Tonight” and its host Tucker Carlson has been a household name. Here’s everything you must know about his personal life and net worth.

Tucker Carlson,the famous Television personality of Fox news has been a daily gossip in American household for his hot political debates and talks. Here are the more details about him that you must know

Tucker carlson’s personal life 

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According to reports, Carlson was born in San Francisco into a affluent family. It has been often said that his inspiration for his talk show came from his father Richard Warner Carlson who was a journalist.His childhood was very awful as his parents had split up when he was six years old and his mother went to France.

It has been known that the American Tv host was known to have inherited profound debating skills when he was studying in a well praised boarding high school at the age of 14.  Especially known for his beach looks, he was an appealing figure among many girls but he fell in love with his first date Susie Andrew and got married in 1991.  Both of them has 4 children.

Carlson’s Net Worth 

Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/10/19 | Tucker Carlson Fox News December 10, 2019  - Dailymotion Video

According to a news report, Carlson’s net worth is estimated to be 30 million dollars. It is believed that most of his earning come as a author and columnist. Carlson was officially appointed as the host of his own show after FOX NEWS fired Bill O’Reilly. Tucker had an initial contract of 10 million US dollars and is assumed to have a combined viewership of over 3.4 million.