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Megalo Box Season 2: Release date, characters and plot.

Megalo Box is a 2018 boxing anime television series produced by the studio TMS Entertainment and 3xCube. It was created in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the manga Ashita no Joe. A manga adaptation of Megalo Box, titled Megalo Box: The Twin Fists of Fate, was released in February 2018. Season 1 was premiered thereafter in April 2018. The series was simulcasted on Crunchyroll; it aired for 13 episodes and the Japanese Blu-ray release contained a new short anime.

Release Date and Plot

Megalo Boxing is a popular sport similar to boxing, except the boxers fight while wearing a metal frame which makes their attacks much more lethal.  In a dystopian society, a young boxer known as Junk Dog fights in the illegal fighting circuit. However, he meets with an accident and picks a fight with the bodyguard of who he ran into.

The bodyguard, Yūri who is also a champion decides to fight with him in the illegal circuit. Having defeated Junk Dog, Yūri challenges him to qualify for the global Megalonia tournament and fight him again. The story progresses with Junk Dog struggling along the way inorder to win the tournament and be a professional boxer.

This intense series was loved by all and made the creators even more thrilled to announce that they have been working on the second season. Even though a date hasn’t been finalised yet, the series is expected to be premiered sometime in October 2020.

Megalo Box: Characters and English Dub

  • Junk Dog / Joe
  • Gansaku Nanbu
  • Yukiko Shirato
  • Yūri

The English subtitled version of ‘Megalp Box’ is available on Amazon Prime. You can also stream it on HuluCrunchyroll, and Netflix with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

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