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Letterkenny Season 9: Everything we know so far!!

Letterkenny is author Jared Keeso’s famous Canadian sitcom series and directed by Jacob Tierney. Initially, the show started as a YouTube web series and then commissioned as a TV series by Crave. Letterkenny released its 8th season on December 24. But this did not end the story, because everyone was asking Letterkenny’s future.

The show has been nominated for various awards and also nominated for the best comedy series of 2017. Now, the thriller series is resurrected in Season 9, returning to an astonishing level every other season. The series has been updated to the ninth season, and it is likely that it will also be broadcast in the 10th season.

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Letterkenny Season 9 Release date

The sitcom made its debut in 2016 and was broadcast on Comedy Network. In the United States, Hulu aired for two seasons in July 2018, after which it even obtained too many rights to broadcast the series in the future. Season 8 aired on Crave in December 2019 and will be updated to Season 9 in June 2020. However, due to the delay caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we do not know when the show will be released. We hope that HULU will release Season 9 at the end of 2020 or early 2021.

Letterkenny Season 9 Cast

Jared Keeso plays Wayne

Nathan Dales plays Dasy

Dylan Playfair plays Reilly

Michelle Mylett plays Katy

Dylan Playfair plays Reilly

K. Trevor Wilson plays Squirrelly Dan

Taylor Johnston plays Stewart

Andrew Herr plays Jones

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Letterkenny Season 9 Plot

It is difficult to predict the store of the performer. However, if more people come out and start fighting with each other, it will not be shocking. Wayne tried his best to prevent this situation, to further explore the multi-marital relationship between Riley, Jones and Katie.It is said that there will be struggles and more mocking characters. These humorous jokes will be the core of the series.

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