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Date a Live Season 4: Every detail of the upcoming show!

Date a Live Season 4: 

The series had a total of four seasons, however recently, due to an excessive amount of fan following and good rating, the creators confirmed its fourth season.

The show revolves around the dating application and there are some fantastic and strange places involved as well. The show begins with an explosion known as Spacequake. An infestation intensifies and executes some 150 million individuals.

The story then progresses with the hero named Shido and her sister, who lives in Tokyo. In the city, another shuttle shows up, and Chiodo needs to get it for her sister. She then approaches a young woman who is the cause of it all. Shido realizes that the spirits must be stopped and the story takes numerous exciting twists in the road.

Date a Live: Cast

The cast details are as follows:

• Shidou Itsuka

• Kotori Itsuka

• Tohka Yatogami

• Yoshino

• Origami

• Miku Izayoi

These are the main casts of the show and like most of the time, the same cast will continue in the forthcoming season as well. Hopefully, there might be a few more new characters in the show providing some form of arc in the story.

Date a Live: Release Date

The production of Date A Live season 4 has been announced, but the exact release time frame or even year has not been specified. Considering the scenario of the global pandemic, anime lovers can expect the brand new series in the mid of 2021. However, Date A Bullet anime will be released in Japanese theaters as part of theatrical event screenings. The story will be released as a two-part Date A Bullet movie. This too is scheduled to be released in 2021. If this is released sooner, there might be a delay in the release of the Date a Live anime series.


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