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One Punch Man Season 3: Everything you should know about its upcoming series

Ever since one punch man’s release it had seen no rift in its popularity from last two seasons. This universally successful series has got no bounds for its solid screenplay for which it has been able to hookup people with their vision. One of the most probable reasons for its seamless popularity across every age groups is its larger than life canvass of characters and the high pitched visual effects. After its release of two seasons there has been no official words from the makers for its upcoming season. However as every manga series is not clearly determined on speculations every time, so it is clearly unassuming.

Here’s everything that you should know when season 3 will release

Release date of season 3

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As of now there has been no official announcements from the makers for the arrival of season 3. Looking back to some rumors it has been clearly evident that this delay might have been caused due to lack of source material. However as there was a time range of two years between season 1 and 2 it will be wise to wait till 2021 to expect something good.


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The characters of last two seasons are most likely to be repeated again this time. Till now there has been no announcement from the makers for the shift of change.

Plot of season 3

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The season 3 will take off from where season 2 has ended. This will most likely to begin with the premise of  clash and conflicts between good and evil associations. Although there has been much assumptions on how this visual delight will be but much development is relied on the makers whether they will include some war scenes or not.

Trailer of season 3

The trailer of season 3 has not been released yet. Any further announcements regarding its release will be shared here. Keep following dispatch publicist for more details.