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Botched Season 7: Release Date And All Other News You Need To Know

It is always a pleasure to watch medical fiction. Such stories tell about the pros and cons of scientific expansion. Botched is thus a popular show that airs on E! It was and remains the most critically acclaimed pitches on plastic surgery so far. Since the premiere in 2014, it never loosed the popularity index. Rather the fan base is really waiting for another renewal season.

Release Date of Botched Season 7: How much to wait?

Though there is no official declaration of any renewal season of the health series, it seems not to wait much. Since the fourth season in 2018, we witnessed two fast comebacks. The last season was published on November 5, 2019. Taking a break after 10 episodes, season 6 ended with 15 episodes in May 2020. And since then the audiences are crossed fingered. Hope it will not take too much. Maybe the coronavirus caused pandemic is a reason behind it’s delay, but we can see the duo of plastic surgeons again in early 2021.

The Cast of Botched Season 7: The duo surgeons

The storyline of Botched revolves around the operation theatre of two plastic surgeons. It not only documents the day to day activities, but also the human and emotional involvement. And we are happy to have Paul Nassif and Terry J. Dubrow. They are perfectly suited with the white apron and scalpel in hands. Although, they are not new to the roles of a doctor. Dubrow had played 2000’s most struck plastic surgeon shows ‘The Swan’. And Paul Nassif made a previous fan base in the medical docu-series ‘Housewives of Beverly Hills’’.  But of course, their duo in Botched made the most popular surgeon duo ever in the history of television. We also witnessed Singer-Songwriter ‘Tinny’ Tameka Harris as a friend of Dubrow.

The Plot of Botched Season 7: What would be the surprise?

The series revolves around the activities of the Dubrow-Nassif duo. Follows them throughout the processes of diagnosis to the consultation with patients. The surgeries that make individuals victims of wrong operations. We can wait for such an adventure again. The last season went above and beyond the documentation of surgeries. Rather focuses on the corrective measurement from the past. The operations went in vain either for unprofessional behavior or lack of competency or safety issues. After that patients are introduced to another remedial operation.

Since every renewal, the story seems more adventurous. And of course, as it was previously announced that season 6 is not the last, we can thus hold our breath. One day it will again hit the screen.


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