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Black Mirror season 6: Everything you should know about its upcoming series

Netflix’s superfluous sci-fi series Black mirror has not seen any ends or breaks with its seamless popularity due to its provoking and meticulously staged drama that we have seen over years. In the five seasons, the show was hailed mostly by audience from every section for its terrific portrayal of dystopian world. However since 2 years despite huge interest from audience to evince the next season of black mirror there has been no words from its makers to announce something solid.

As a matter when everybody is curious to learn more about its next series. Here’s everything you should know about its next season

When will season 6 stream

Black Mirror" The Entire History of You (TV Episode 2011) - IMDb

The season 5 of this tv series came on june 2019. After then for the good news of fans it has been renewed for a next season but unfortunately there has been no announcement from the makers. In a recent discussion with a tv channel showrunner charlie brooker has said that it may take some time for season 6 to stream as the production schedule has been hit by pandemic and will resume soon. Inspecting the preparations it won’t be a mistake to say that season 6 will stream around late 2021 or early 2022.

Cast of season 6

As the cast of every episode and season have varied from one another since beginning so there has been no announcements from the makers for its upcoming cast.

Plot of black mirror

Black Mirror finale recap: Season 4, Episode 6 | EW.com

The plot of black mirror revolves on a group of individuals and the consequences on their behavioural action when they are manipulated by highly designed technologies in an apocalyptic world.


There has been no announcements for the trailer of season 6 yet.