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Most vulnerable could get Covid-19 vaccine by Christmas’

According to the chairwoman of the UK Vaccine Taskforce, the vaccine could be given to the most vulnerable by Christmas, however, it will be a limited supply.

Moreover, it is very important to note that, everything will not change overnight and the vaccines might also not protect everyone from infection. However, with various researches done, people with chronic illnesses and those above the age of 60 are the ones most vulnerable to this virus. Due to the limited supply of the vaccine that is soon to be out, the government has to decide who should get it more and when.

The shots, which include the booster dose, are planned for the initial phase once a vaccine is approved for use. In India itself, the list has four categories — around 50-70 lakh healthcare professionals, over two crore frontline workers, including police, municipal workers, and armed forces, about 26 crore persons above 50 years of age, and another set aged less than 50 but with co-morbidities.

All the countries need to come up with implementation plans of how to supply the vaccines all around so as to provide the same to the most vulnerable.  It may take a bit longer for others and more than one vaccine for different populations might be needed in the future.

A nurse administers a vaccination shot to a woman - library picture