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Does cancer increase Covid 19 risks

Cancer is a disease that leads to abnormal growth of the cell. It causes tumors that are in the form of a benign tumor. According to a report in 2015,90.5 million people are suffering from Cancer. Risk of Cancer increases day by day. In 2012,165000 children were diagnosed.

As we know many countries suffer from the Covid19 pandemic. It is an infectious disease which is caused by the Coronavirus. It affects the immune system of the person.

People who are suffering from cancer are at higher risk of Covid 19 and it seems to have higher death. Many chemotherapy processes are given to destroy the cancer cell. But chemotherapy also disturbs healthy cells and bone marrow cells that make our immune system.

If a person has a weak immune system then they are at high risk of Corona Virus and a person who is suffering from blood cancer is also at high risk of this virus. According to research 900 patients who are suffering or recovering from Cancer are infecte with Coronavirus. If the person has their chemotherapy then chances of infection become less.

In the US, Canada, and Spain 13 percent of people died due to cancer and also suffered from CoronaVirus.

Common Questions About the COVID-19 Outbreak

Methods for being fit during Covid-19 Pandemic

Many exercises help to cure cancer during this pandemic. Exercise helps to cure joint and muscle pain, reduce the risk of cancer. It improves bone density and strength etc. Many patients who are suffering from cancer enter in a bad cycle. So if they perform some physical activities then it not only helps them to cure the diseases but also keeps them fit.

There are many ways in which exercise help you during your cancer treatment

1.it helps to improve your physical activities.

2.It reduce the risk of heart disease

3.it helps to improve balance.

4.it reduce the risk of depression

5.it improve the living of life

Exercises also depend on which type of cancer a person can suffer.

What are the precautions which are taken during exercise?

It’s advisable to consult a doctor before starting an exercise who is suffering from cancer.

1.Avoid exercise if you have low red blood cell count, low level of sodium, and potassium.

2.Dont exercise if you have nausea, vomit, etc 

3.Dont use heavyweight exercises. It puts stress on the bone 

4.avoid uneven surface 

5.consult to your doctor immediately if you face any problem during exercise and take proper precautions.