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Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that emerging markets become hotspots for COVID-19, they may be closed for a few days

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said today that his government has sought approval from the center to allow emerging market to be closed for a few days due to the country’s surge in coronavirus, which could become a hot spot for COVID-19. The state is also considering reducing the number of people allowed to attend the wedding to 50. Kejriwal’s remarks were made the day after his government stated that it would no longer block the city. He added that the third wave of COVID-19 has reached its peak.

“Due to the increasing number of cases in Delhi, we are sending general recommendations to the center so that the state government can close markets that do not comply with social distancing regulations for a few days as needed and are about to become markets. Local COVID-19 hot spots.” Mr. Kejiriwal Speaking at an online media conference today. He added : “I hope that the number of people in the market will decrease and there is no need to close the market.”

He said: “According to the central government’s guidelines, Delhi has allowed up to 200 people to attend the wedding. But now, we have decided to return to the previous limit of 50 people. I have made a proposal to the governor and hope that he will approve it. The permission will be granted immediately. ” Kejiriwal also thanked the central government for helping Delhi during “such difficult times”. I especially want to thank the center for providing 750 ICU beds. He said that he called on people to wear masks and abide by the norms of staying away from society.

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“During Diwali, we observed that many people did not wear masks or did not socialize when shopping. People thought that this would not happen (COVID-19). I asked you with my arms folded, anyone could have coronavirus disease And can be fatal.” He added.

He said that the state government, the center and all agencies are redoubled their efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 in Delhi…all these tasks are being done for you and your family.

The Covid peak in Delhi started at the end of October, and there have been record numbers every week thereafter. On November 3, the city recorded 6,725 cases, and three days later, it broke the 7,000 mark. On November 11, 8 593 new cases were seen in New York City. Although Delhi has recorded 3,500 cases in the past two days, its test results have fallen below 30,000, half of the normal cases. The daily number of Covid-related deaths has also been increasing, reaching 104 last Thursday-the highest so far.

According to a report from the central government, there may be an average of 15,000 cases per day in Delhi in winter. Now, the total number of cases in Delhi has exceeded 4.809 million. More than 7,600 of them died of the virus. The current workload has exceeded 40,000, while it was less than 10,000 in August.