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Coronavirus has spread all over the world, and the most affected is the private sector. People had to follow the measure of staying at home for their safety. And as a result companies’ work was piling up. So, many companies allowed their employees to work from their homes instead of coming outside.

One of those companies is Microsoft. Reportedly, even after the lifting of the lockdown, Microsoft’s employees will not require to go back to the office.

According to Verge’s report, almost 1.5 lakhs Microsoft employees can opt for a work-from-home option by the company.

Who can take advantage of this policy in Microsoft’s office?

Microsoft is a software and hardware creation company. As per the nature of this company’s business, some employees will be able to work from home and some won’t.


  1. Firstly, those employees whose physical presence is required would not be able to take benefit from the new ‘Hybrid Workplace’ system.
  2. The employees who are involved in research and development of hardware creation and employees who are required to give in-person training would also have to come to the office.

The employees whose work can be done entirely in a remote way, can an option to relocate, but only they are approved.

Why did Microsoft took this decision?

Chris Lee, the studio head wrote in mid-august that, Microsoft took this decision after considering multiple factors that resulted in many development challenges. Also, COVID-19 has affected the company a lot this year.

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He further added that decision was a necessity for the well being of the employees. And also for the success of the game that is releasing during the holidays.

Other companies who are opting for a Hybrid Workplace

For instance, Square and Twitter will also allow their employees to work from their homes.


Many other companies are also in the process of following the same policy. This decision can give most of the employees the opportunity to choose their working style and comfort.

Source: Verge