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Thousands of Trump supporters rallied in Washington, DC, MAGA March violence broke out as night fell

Supporters of President Trump celebrated for several hours on Saturday. They were waving their MAGA flags and shouting “God bless America.” When they gathered in Washington, they falsely claimed that the election was stolen by someone they admired. The crowd was even fascinated by Trump’s personal interview. Trump passed by in his motorcade, smiling and waving. Members of far-right groups, including Pride Boys, and some wearing helmets and bulletproof vests also participated in the flag parade. As Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed in several skirmishes, the largely peaceful demonstrations violent later that night.

Whats the scenerio?

Supporters of Mr. Trump held a demonstration near Liberty Square east of the White House at noon on Saturday before proceeding to the Supreme Court. In addition to more mainstream Trump supporters, members of the far-right Pride Boys and the Oather Militia were also in the parade. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones spoke in the crowd. Mr. Trump’s car team passed the rallying demonstrators on Saturday morning and toured nearby Liberty Square, but he continued to the golf club in Sterling, Virginia, but did not speak to the crowd.

Trump noticed the party and tweeted on Friday that he might show up. Before Saturday’s rally, the president’s car team passed cheering and waving supporters on the way to golf.

Oren Segal, vice president of the Anti-Defamation League’s Extremism Center, said he hopes that the vast majority of participants will be there just to show their support for Trump, but this event provides extremists with Opportunity to integrate with this group of people.
Siegel said: “There is a platform where there are pro-Trump supporters and conservatives, and people who want to express their support for the president. If they want, they will confuse with extremists.”

Just like the Twitter feed that misinformation about the election entered the president’s inner circle from fringe platforms, Segal worried that Saturday’s march might be its actual manifestation, not only spreading false information, but also spreading abominable extremist comments.

“This kind of space attracts extremists who think that this kind of thing has been stolen and taken away, and the fact that extremists may be adjacent to them, this is a broader focus on the normalization of extremists and where What happens in this situation? You will gather a lot of unhappy people.”