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One punch man season 3: Everything you should know about its upcoming season

Madhouse’s manga series One punch man is one of the first japanese anime series that outcasted the stereotypical notions of hero and villain. Among many other things what makes this anime series one of the most appealing dramas for fans to rejoice are its brilliant illustration and display of  visual effects.After its massive success it was licensed by a north american company for american audience however it lacked the touch of genuinity that the original one had. Especially known for the fictional character of Saitama and the insurmountable power inherited to him to defeat the villains, this has carved a perfect way for stabilising a place in the minds of audience. As of now there has been no updates from makers for the revival of next season. Here’s what you should update if you want to rejoice season 3.

When will season 3 release

On punch man began its screening from 2015 and since then it has been accepted wholeheartedly by audiences of every section. But for the sad news for fans there has been no announcements from the makers regarding when season 3 will release. Considering some rumours it is believed that there is a conflict between the artist ONE and the studios for which this is taking so long time. As it will be improbable to know when will season 3 release, it will be better to leave it to some time upto 2021.

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Cast of season 3

The cast of last season will be likely to repeated in this season once, so there has will be no major change in the casting of season 3.

One punch man season 3: Breaking stories, facts, and latest updates!

Plot of season 3

The plot of one punch man revolves around the story of Saitama who sets out to take a war against the monsters as they cause wreak in the universe. The story of season 3 will take off where season 2 has ended with some speculations that season 3 will have some of the best fights and battles between good and evil nexus.

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There has been no announcements for the trailer yet.