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Ellen DeGeneres chat show wins at People’s Choice Awards 2020 despite the recent “toxic” controversy

The Ellen DeGeneres performance has always been the center of the whirlwind of alleged “abuse” accusations, and various former employees have come to tell their stories. However, despite the recent controversy over “toxic” workplace culture, the chat show was voted the best daytime talk show at the 2020 “People’s Choice Awards” held in the Buck Hangar in Santa Monica.

The comedian’s Ellen Show won the Best Talk Show of the Year award on Sunday. Ellen personally accepted the award, and she praised her employees and fans in her speech.

Warner Bros. executives who produced the show with the American TV show TMZ revealed that they were “worried and disappointed” by reports of “unacceptable behavior” in September. Despite the allegations, the show won the prestigious chat show award.

After several former employees filed allegations of working in an environment of racism, fear and intimidation, the Ellen Show came under close scrutiny in July. Some accused executive producers have rampant sexual assault and harassment. Ellen returned to silence on the talk show in September and spoke about allegations of misconduct.

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DeGeneres of Santa Monica, California, took the stage in front of the virtual audience and said: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” The award is attributed to her “excellent staff and outstanding staff, who made this performance possible.” She said: “I like them very much; I thank them for their hard work every day to help us do our best every day.”

DeGeneres said: “I thank the people, thank all my supporters for supporting me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am and what this means to me. This is more than I could tell. You have more. Especially now.”

The show has now entered its 18th season. DeGeneres started the press conference by apologizing and vowed to be “responsible for everything that happened here”, hoping to “start a new chapter.” She said: “I understand that what happened here shouldn’t have happened.I take this very seriously, and I want to apologize to those who have been affected.”

Elsewhere, the host Demi Lovato opened with a humorous joke about the recent US presidential election. During the virtual ceremony, the stage was filled with video screens of super fans from all over the country to watch at home. Although experts questioned whether the show’s popularity would endure the scandal, but Sunday’s victory was a strong signal of support.