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COVID-19 updates: New COVID-19 restrictions, lockdowns in US and Europe

COVID-19 updates

On Saturday, the British prime minister announced expat-scale new restrictions to create a national lockdown effectively. Greece and Austria expanded coronavirus initiatives by shutting down large sections of their communities in France, Germany, Belgium and Irephone. Get here COVID-19 updates!

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The overshoots that have almost made the Europe virus map a strong bright red. These are the product of repeated reports of regular infections in the United States. This combination contributes mainly to an unimaginable increase in global caseload. According to a New York Times database. On Thursday the global daily number of cases passed 500,000 for the first time on Wednesday. It reached 543,000 and again rose Friday to 548,000.

At a rushed news conference after a cabinet emergency meeting. Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared new restrictions for England. He shut down pubs, restaurants and most shops in England after weeks of resistance to lockdown from Thursday through to December 2. The plans require that people remain at their place of work. Such as factories or construction sites unless they are necessary.

COVID-19 updates

COVID-19 updates

For a few other important purposes, like buying food or receiving medication. They will be able to go to school and college. Scientific advisory council of the British government, known as SAGE. They reported that England had seen 43,000 to 75,000 new infections every day this month.

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Previously on Tuesday, Greece Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis unveiled a monthly scheme which included a national indoor and outdoor curfew and mask mandate from Tuesday. The plan divides the country effectively into two and imposes wide restrictions on the higher risk region. It includes the major cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. Schools, retail stores and banks must remain open. Greece, which has just recently begun to emerge from a ten-year crisis. It is very conscious of the toll that a complete lockdown will have on it.

COVID-19 updates

Countries like Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria and Greece closed down again or otherwise at night and enforced other restrictions such as curfews and compulsory masking. Madrid and other areas of Spain have outlawed anything but necessary travel in their regions and out of them. In the United States, on average over 71,000 people a day test positive, up from 51,000 a couple of weeks earlier. The numbers of people residing in Hawaii and Delaware are on the increase. With deaths in 39 countries rising from 714 two weeks ago to an average of 805% a day in the USA. Wisconsin, one of their worst hot spots, reports Tuesday for almost 5,300 daily infections and 64 deaths. According to the Wisconsin Hospital Association, nearly 12% of state intensive care beds were open on Tuesday.