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Black Mirror Season 6: Everything you need to know

Black Mirror is a British dystopian comedian scientific-fiction show, made by Charlie Brooker. It is written by Konnie Huq, Jesse Armstrong, Rashida Jones, Michael Schur, and William bridges.

The show deconstructs the infatuation with technology with the adverse effects it can have on the future.


The entire series is mainly about the fall of humanity and morality at the hands of some form of technological advancement. It highlights topics related to humanity’s relationship with technology, creating stories that feature “the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes’ time if we’re clumsy.”  

The first two series of black mirrors comprised three episodes each. The third and fourth series comprised of 6 episodes each. The fifth season had 3 episodes in it. Black mirrors in a total have 22 episodes in number which includes a special episode too. The running time of episodes is within 41-89 minutes.

Release Date

The fifth season of the show was streamed online on Netflix in 2019. Brooker questioned whether the public would like the mood of the next season as he was also adding a bit more comedic aspects to it. Moreover, the global pandemic led the entire production process to come to a standstill. Hence, it is quite likely that the season has been renewed but the release date hasn’t been announced yet. It is possible that the season will air sometime in 2021 or even later.

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