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Bharti Airtel Enterprises acquires OneWeb, aiming to introduce the Internet to every corner of the country via satellite

Even under the tremendous pressure of growing Jio, Bharti Airtel has done historical things. Entrepreneur Sunil Bharati Mittal talked about this offer at the recent ISRO meeting, clearly showing his interest in saving a Web. OneWeb filed for bankruptcy in 2020. One Web is a communications company headquartered in London, England. This gives the company a good reason to buy it. This is the new venture of Bharti Airtel. After decades of production and provision of telecommunications services, Bharti Airtel will embark on voyages generated by satellite Internet. The company won a 45% bid to acquire OneWeb. In return, Bharti Airtel will invest US$500 million in the company. The British government owns 45% of the shares and the remaining 10% belongs to other shareholders. The company will launch 650 satellites and will gradually launch 1,980 satellites. They will orbit the earth’s surface 1,200 kilometers.

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The motto of OneWeb is “Not everyone has access to the world’s information?” Well, Bharti Airtel does believe that this is the reason for the acquisition of the bankrupt OneWeb company. OneWeb has been working hard to launch each 150 kg domestic satellite into space. These satellites will remain in low earth orbit to provide wireless Internet services on a global scale.

According to Gareeb Scientist’s YouTube video, this move is particularly important for our country. This means that in India, we will have better Internet access. Even if you live in a rural area, you can still easily access Internet services. The video also highlights the fact that such investments have occurred in the past, but few have reached the peak. However, if Bharti Airtel follows the Spacex Starlink model associated with the US Defense Forces, then it will have a lot of influence. An alliance with the Indian Army will also benefit the Army, and shipping to airlines will have significant benefits.

Sunil Mittal explained the new joint venture and presented the benefits. He said in a statement the OneWeb platform will bridge the digital divide. It will provide high-speed, low-latency broadband access to impoverished and hard-to-reach areas. He further stated that he is eager to open up more areas in India and Africa. In terms of financial support, it may become the next best thing. The company’s other shareholders include other giants such as Hughes, Virgin Group and Qualcomm.