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Apple soon to offer 1TB Storage

Current generation iPhone 12 Pro models, including the iPhone 12 Pro Max, can be configured with capacities up to 512B. For 2020, base storage has been increased to 128GB, up from 64GB with the iPhone 11 Pro.

iPhone 13 line-up may come with a 1TB storage option. Apple for the first time in years has ditched the 64GB base variant with the iPhone 12 Pro series as they now come with a 128GB base storage option. Apple might soon offer iPhone buyers a 1TB storage option after years of slowly growing allotments to the current 512GB maximum, according to leaker Jon Prosser.

iPhone 13 1TB

However, it isn’t clear whether Apple would replace the 512GB option with 1TB or make it a separate choice for users.  The standard iPhone 13 models may also ditch the 64GB storage. Extra storage has always been a welcome feature, especially for shutterbugs.

With the advancement in camera technology, the images and videos capture take up more storage, and those users who record videos a lot could find the 1TB storage option as a welcome addition.