Program City Alert The Record TV On Saturday 4

The official delegate to reap the testimony of four hours of home who is suspected of committing three murders and surrendered to police on Saturday 4 said the program City Alert the Record TV the criminal confessed crimes and has already acted with extreme coldness.

Has already acted with extreme coldness He wants to justify that the act was the result of a crisis under the influence of drugs and that in fact it was due to a hallucination that he committed this crime But we don’t believe in this version is a justification or an attempt to justify the crimes committed especially against the wife and stepdaughter said police chief Lobo.

The Civil Police was informed this Saturday morning that the caretaker was willing to surrender The police chief said that the police officer in charge thought at first that it was a prank call but went on to the municipality of Goiás to check the information.

The police were called to go to and the police detachment after being told that Wanderson was there presenting himself I talked to the policeman he was heard and he didn’t even believe that this could be happening that it would be a prank but as he was in the vehicle with another colleague he traveled to the city and verified the situation he said.

Arriving there Wanderson who was already with the couple the farmer who convinced the caretaker to turn himself in to the police and his partner in the vehicle put the gun and ammunition in the glove compartment In fact he handed it over to the farmer and the husband later indicated it to the police officer who arrested the gun and did a personal search on him He was already starting to gather people there and even to protect the individuals integrity they brought him to the regional office he added.

He confessed all the crimes giving details of how it happened and the motivation According to him that day Sunday 28 he had an argument with his wife out of jealousy of their cousins because he was talking to these cousins He he had used drugs and at that moment he threw the cup on the floor and she his wife took a knife That was all in the kitchen She went on him he pushed and she fell and passed out from the fall he took the knife and stabbed a blow to the neck informed the chief.

In the testimony the caretaker says that his stepdaughter was present in the kitchen After he had done that he struck the child in the chest He lowered his head giving no reason the reason he said was that he was blind and upset because of the drug said Lobo.

The delegate also said that after the commission of these two crimes Wanderson went to the headquarters of the farm where he works and stole a 38 caliber revolver and a box of ammunition From there he went to a neighboring farm in an attempt to steal a car that would help him escape but without success.

When he arrived at this farm he was attended by a man he said he was thirsty and they offered him a soda After he had drunk the soda he announced the robbery and people according to him reacted and went upstairs entering into He fell to the ground and shot at the victim hitting her in the neck The woman even after her husband was killed continued advancing and ended up injuring herself injuring the chest region and tore her clothes he said the delegate.

During the deposition said that she fell immobile and imagining that the victim was dead stole her cell phone and went to a pickup truck parked there The chief questioned the caretaker if he had raped the woman which he denies

On Monday 29 the caretaker bought a ticket to but imagined that the police would make a barrier or appear there For this reason he gave up the trip and went to the forest region At the bus station the caretaker also bought about three cookies

We were in the region and there are fruit plants so he would certainly be able to feed on these plants He homegrown even says that in some circumstances he managed to feed on oranges for example But he didn’t have much food biscuits he managed to buy at the bus station reported the police chief.

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