Memes Rain Down The Purple Smoke From One Of The Eagle Patrol Planes

One of the most commented and eye-catching moments of the Armed Forces parade on October 12 was when the Eagle Patrol planes drew the Spanish flag in the sky, leaving a trail of colored smoke.

However, this year it has not gone unnoticed that one of the side stelae was of a color significantly more similar to purple than red, as would have corresponded to our national banner.

As expected, this detail has not gone unnoticed on social networks or among viewers, which has caused a shower of memes and jokes among Internet users, starting with the former vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias , from Podemos , one of the most Internet users were named as a ‘suspect’ of that purple color, which resembled the Republican flag and the color of Podemos.

“Given the hoaxes that are circulating, I have to categorically deny any implication on my part that the Eagle Patrol has painted the Republican flag in the sky of Madrid,” the former vice president said with humor on his Twitter account.

At the moment, and as reported by the Air Force, the phenomenon has occurred due to the “mixture of colors simply and simply”, therefore, “it will have become more red.”

This anecdote has recalled the year 2020, when in the October 12 parade an error in the colors of the stelae caused that at the end there was an extra yellow color, instead of a red one that should have finished off that side to form the Spanish flag, which is made up of three stripes: red, double yellow and red , as established in article 4.1 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978.

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