Cosmetics Firm That Multiplies Its Income By 17.5 Thanks To Juan Roig

The cosmetics firm that multiplies its income by 17.5 thanks to Juan Roig. LICO has been selected by the accelerator of the founder of Mercadona to develop a business plan.

In the midst of the pandemic Estefanía Ferrer (Seville, 1981), a chemical engineer by profession, left her job at Airbus to bet on her natural cosmetics project, which combines innovative formulas based on green engineering with natural raw materials from remote parts of the planet.

On this basis, LICO –Laboratorio de Ingeniería Cosmética– was born, which just two months after starting it up, in September 2020, was chosen to enter the traction phase – aimed at companies in their initial state – of Lanzadera , the accelerator. and startup incubator promoted by Juan Roig, owner of Mercadona. In this first stage, “I received training on how a company works, on accounting, on how to validate channels, but above all I learned how important the culture of effort is,” acknowledges Ferrer.

His surprise came last May, when his project went up a notch, to the growth phase , which is aimed at stable companies that have already taken off and need to consolidate their business. Of the 30 firms that reached this second stage, he proudly states that three of them are led by women.

“This is already a more ambitious growth program, aimed at executives, clients and suppliers, with conferences in which Juan Roig himself participates,” explains the entrepreneur, satisfied with the achievements achieved so far. “Since we are in Lanzadera we have considerably multiplied the volume of business, which started at 40,000 euros, since we plan to close the year at 700,000 euros.”

That is, multiply your income by 17.5. It also plans to close the year with the launch of four new cosmetic products. “We started with a small run, in which word of mouth worked, and I immediately saw that there was a real need, because many cosmetic firms are committed to marketing, but little to the natural formulation of the products.”

And if he has learned something in these months from Juan Roig, it is something that he always repeats to them: “for there to be well-being, efficient and honest entrepreneurs are needed.”

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