Artificial Intelligence Will Be The New Magnet For Investors In Spain Stock Market

Present but also future ?? stock market. The technology sector has captured the attention of investors and has been one of the big bets in recent years, causing the Nasdaq to hit all-time highs and grab media attention.

Rare was the investor who did not recommend investing in some of the big tech but if there has been a technological branch that has starred in an even more meritorious escalation, that has been artificial intelligence (AI). A niche that is emerging as a new vein of attraction for investors and with potential still in the medium term due to its still early development.

Artificial intelligence has emerged as one of the most disruptive topics in recent years and has given continuity and momentum to the technology rally. “Among the main culprits for this being the case are the technological giants and their determined commitment to make these types of processes more accessible within their business models. From accessibility to databases to progress in deep learning, implementation of neural networks, etc.

That is, to apply AI in their day-to-day work and to which, every time, other smaller technology companies are added “, says the director of the Department of Studies of Zonavalue, Juan Esteve.

It is not only necessary to go back to the United States but also to Europe as more and more companies are beginning to familiarize themselves with its use , taking advantage of the advantages it offers. More than 35% of them already use it directly or indirectly and about 85% consider investing in artificial intelligence as one of their strategic priorities within their business development plans.

If there is a sector that has channeled this appetite for artificial intelligence, it has been the health sector . Robot-assisted surgery or preliminary and imaging diagnoses already frequently apply this knowledge, making it one of the pioneers in its application. In fact, many investors have targeted this sector, which has other tail winds such as the aging population or the pandemic crisis.

The health sector seems to have taken a certain advantage in the bet on artificial intelligence, but others are behind, but not too much deference. The motor industry already implements this technology as a key element in terms of safety, autonomous driving, mobility? or energy, in terms of renewables, to improve the efficiency and production of energy, mitigating the unpredictable components, at the climatic level, of its activity.

“With this cocktail of catalysts, it does not seem unreasonable that the forecasts made by the consulting firm Grand View Research, with which we agree from Zonavalue, and which predict that Artificial Intelligence will grow at a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 40% in stock market during the period 2021-2028. Clear sign that the potential is enormous and that there is still much to be explored.

In fact, the Stoxx AI Global Artificial Intelligence, one of its benchmark indices, has soared slightly above this percentage in the last twelve months (+ 43%) “, says the Zonavalue expert.

The stock market evolution of artificial intelligence has also brought out another pillar that investors like a lot: the de-correlation with respect to technological ones. If the forecasts are met, its potential will be double that of the main tech and will confirm the trend experienced after the impact of Covid-19 in the markets since while the Nasdaq has barely appreciated since February, the sectorial of AI has done so above double digits.

“Therefore, artificial intelligence stands as the ace up its sleeve that not only big technology companies but also investors are betting on in the face of the proliferation of big data , the increase in computing power or the greater accessibility to data in For example, Jeff Bezos himself has highlighted, on countless occasions, the benefits of AI for Amazon as it allows them to detect anomalies or fraud activities through its predictive models, which identify potentially fraudulent sales transactions. Almost all of us buy through your e-commerce , why not also follow in their footsteps and ride the wave of AI? “, says Juan Esteve.

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